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Cake and more Cake

What a great day!  There was not one, but two delicious cakes at my place today – one to celebrate a wedding (no, not that wedding) made by my roomie and one to celebrate a great dad mad eby yours truly.  I have to confess that I didn’t really buy into all of the hype for the Royal wedding leading up to today, but when it came down to it, I too caught a peek at the British nuptials this morning.  It was very sweet to see them whispering to each other – and my goodness she was gorgeous!  I had to share the joy with my niece who loves all things princess, so we watched clips online this evening. A brief synopsis of the commentary.

Niece – she’s so pretty.  sigh. look at her beautiful dress.  sigh.  a carriage!!

Nephew – motorcycle, motorcycle, motorcycle!  Sword?!

Fair to say they both loved watching the procession, but for very different reasons.  Some pics of the cake fiend, princess and teething dragon to enjoy.




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Windy Walk

Went for a very windy walk today along the beachfront in Hamilton today.  On one side there were crazy waves and seagulls being tossed around, and on the other a relatively peaceful scene. Normally, I love the feeling of the wind in your hair as you walk along the edge of the shore.  But today, really wind?  Really?  You went a bit overboard don’t you think?  So many of the beautiful old trees toppled over – and not just by the waterfront.  Sadly my friend’s treehouse that was so lovingly built last summer became a victim of your overly blustery attitude today.  So thankful that no one was hurt and as she points out – a good reminder of what is really important!

waterfront shoot-18.jpgwaterfront shoot-25.jpgwaterfront shoot-27.jpgwaterfront shoot-3.jpgwaterfront shoot-30.jpgwaterfront shoot-33.jpgwaterfront shoot-36.jpgwaterfront shoot-39.jpgwaterfront shoot-41.jpgwaterfront shoot-42.jpgwaterfront shoot-49.jpgwaterfront shoot-51.jpg

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Happy Birthday!

IMG_2532.jpgIMG_2558.jpgIMG_2535.jpgMicah B-day-16.jpg

Today is my father’s birthday.  Later this week the family will gather together to celebrate, but for today this website homage will have to do in lieu of presents. In case you didn’t know, my dad is amazing.  He is the hardest working person that I know.  He shows his love for his family by fixing everything – including things you didn’t know were even broken.  His patience is legendary, as evidenced by the numerous parallel parking lessons he taught me (lessons which have come in very handy living in an urban centre I might add.)  He buys giant packages of paper towels at Costco and gives me half…just in case I need them.  To grow up with a dad who supports his daughter no matter what (even if some decisions make him nervous) is a rare gift.

To the good man who inspires me, pushes me to be better and yes, nags me to take care of my car – Happy Birthday I love you Dad!


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rainy days are for research

foggy.  rainy.  windy.  Normally that makes for a pretty un-fun day.  But that would be underestimating my nerdiness and strange penchant for research.  In spite of the rain, today has been a good day spent figuring out the quirks of Shoot-Q, plug ins for software and which is the best e-book reader out there.  The last one doesn’t really have much to do with pictures, but research is still fun.  Any thoughts on Kindle vs. Kobo?

PS – look at these gorgeous Fresia flowers – spring really is here!









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Beginning Again

Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Since I was a youngster I have loved to take pictures, though for many years it was set aside for more responsible pursuits. It seemed to me that the little film camera was a way to find magic that was in hiding.  I suppose,  like every child, I hoped that I might stumble across Narnia-made-real as I explored and wanted to have some sort of way of proving it.  With this in mind, I went searching for my first photo album with the blue band and red sailboats on it, but discovered that it is packed away in a box in the basement and will have to wait for rediscovery another time.  Why was I searching for a 20 year old book with pictures of leaves, friends and double exposed images?  Well, at this particular beginning I felt the urge to take a look back at the past to see if there were hidden dreams in its pages.

You see Internet, I am trying something new.  I’m beginning.  Again.

I will most certainly make mistakes.  I know it will not be all fun photo shoots and spreadsheets.  There will be challenges, frustrations and failure.  And joy.  And learning.  And simply doing what makes me feel happy and makes others see Love.  I’ve got a lot to learn as I start out on this trek of photography, but I know I have great companions to travel with along the way.

And so, with a healthy fear of heights and no idea how big this staircase will be – I begin.

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