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Kellner Christmas

This year we had a slightly different Christmas than we had planned… Sure there was the traditional Christmas Eve lasagna and wings, gifts for the kidlets and cheer with the family, but we also had an uninvited bug of a guest that made for an interesting night.  Little Micah caught a stomach bug and within a few minutes of him being at my folks, was sick all over the place.  Including right on his baby sister’s head.  Poor thing!  After some quick baths and costume change into jammies, they were good to go.  In some of the pics you’ll notice little Lydia is just in tights and her new sweater as she managed to go through another outfit post dinner.  Don’t worry.  I explained to her that this was an emergency situation, but that tights are NOT in fact pants.  In typical kid fashion, once the toys wore out it was onto wrestling with uncle Bill (who LOVES that I take his picture all the time) and popping the bubble wrap.  Good times.  And Micah?  Well, he was fine and ended up sharing his Christmas gift with the rest of the family… hence the delay in this post!  Turkey soup really does cure all!

Kellner Christmas 2011-1.jpgKellner Christmas 2011-11.jpgKellner Christmas 2011-13.jpgKellner Christmas 2011-14.jpgKellner Christmas 2011-16.jpgKellner Christmas 2011-18.jpgKellner Christmas 2011-19.jpgKellner Christmas 2011-2.jpgKellner Christmas 2011-21.jpgKellner Christmas 2011-24.jpgKellner Christmas 2011-29.jpgKellner Christmas 2011-33.jpgKellner Christmas 2011-34.jpgKellner Christmas 2011-35.jpgKellner Christmas 2011-37.jpgKellner Christmas 2011-39.jpgKellner Christmas 2011-4.jpgKellner Christmas 2011-43.jpgKellner Christmas 2011-44.jpgKellner Christmas 2011-45.jpgKellner Christmas 2011-7.jpgKellner Christmas 2011-9.jpg

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Christmas Family Fun!

Tonight I met a hilarious group of people… Marla‘s family!  I think it may have been the fastest photo shoot on record with everyone joining in and creating some great laughs together.  4 generations of women in one room… so honoured to have been able to share in that.  Here are a few pics of the night to tide you over the Holidays.  Merry Christmas everyone!!

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Lane Family

Had a wonderful afternoon with the Lane family taking pictures, sharing Christmas anecdotes and snapping some pictures as mom’s Christmas gift.  What a wonderful present for mom!  Such a loving, laughing and caring group who kept teasing mom about her newly acquired motorcycle license.  Love that at 50, she’s still learning and having adventures!!  Here are a few pictures from our afternoon shoot to tide you over.  May you have a Merry Christmas!!

Lane Family 2011-9.jpgLane Family 2011-14.jpgLane Family 2011-21.jpgLane Family 2011-39.jpgLane Family 2011-44.jpgLane Family 2011-47.jpgLane Family 2011-55.jpgLane Family 2011-63.jpgLane Family 2011-75.jpg

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Christmas Traditions

I love Christmas. I love the carols, cheesy movies, twinkle lights and the magic of the season’s generosity that people join in each year. I love the traditions that help to signal Christmas’ arrival… the annual baking day with friends from The Commons, advent candles and the nativity play.  Mostly though, I love that it’s at this time of year we are reminded that Hope came into the world and we gather with friends -both old and new and family to celebrate.  Can’t wait to feast together!

c51-Commons Christmas-6.jpgc55-Commons Christmas-2.jpgc56-Commons Christmas-10.jpgc60-Commons Christmas-11.jpgc69-Commons Christmas-3.jpgc82-Commons Christmas-8.jpgCommons Christmas-15.jpgCommons Christmas-155.jpgCommons Christmas-156-2.jpgCommons Christmas-18.jpgCommons Christmas-158.jpgCommons Christmas-23.jpgCommons Christmas-24.jpgCommons Christmas-29.jpgCommons Christmas-30.jpgCommons Christmas-156.jpgCommons Christmas-31.jpgCommons Christmas-32.jpgCommons Christmas-33.jpgCommons Christmas-35.jpgCommons Christmas-36.jpgCommons Christmas-38.jpgCommons Christmas-39.jpgCommons Christmas-40.jpgCommons Christmas-41.jpgCommons Christmas-42.jpgCommons Christmas-45.jpgCommons Christmas-49.jpgCommons Christmas-51.jpgCommons Christmas-59.jpgCommons Christmas-152.jpgCommons Christmas-157.jpgCommons Christmas-101.jpgCommons Christmas-70.jpgCommons Christmas-71.jpgCommons Christmas-77.jpgCommons Christmas-113.jpgCommons Christmas-125.jpgCommons Christmas-148.jpgCommons Christmas-136.jpgCommons Christmas-79.jpgCommons Christmas-102.jpgCommons Christmas-105.jpgCommons Christmas-122.jpgCommons Christmas-83.jpgCommons Christmas-93.jpgCommons Christmas-130.jpgCommons Christmas-95.jpgCommons Christmas-97.jpgCommons Christmas-99.jpg

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Ed’s Boys

I had so much fun playing with these boys on Friday night at their place and getting some family pics!  They are a rambunctious group, full of fun, energy and just plain old tom-foolery.  For all their roughhousing though, you can see how much they care about each other and just love to play together as a family.  Such sweet moments.

Ed pics-113.jpgEd pics-127.jpgEd pics-172.jpgEd pics-18.jpgEd pics-193.jpgEd pics-205.jpgEd pics-230.jpgEd pics-28.jpgEd pics-31.jpgEd pics-33-2.jpgEd pics-61-2.jpgEd pics-73-2.jpgEd pics-79.jpgEd pics-99.jpg

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The Whole Dam Family

Yesterday I was out to my sister’s for a little pre-Christmas visit and to snap some pictures of the whole Dam family together.  I may be a little biased, but I think these kids are the greatest!  Each of their personalities are so different and come shining through. Evie was showing off her newly acquired glasses – purple of course!

Dam (1 of 2).jpgDam (2 of 2).jpgDam (12 of 15).jpgDam (13 of 15).jpgDam (14 of 15).jpgDam (15 of 15).jpgDam (2 of 15).jpgDam (3 of 15).jpgDam (4 of 15).jpgDam (9 of 15).jpgDam (5 of 15).jpgDam (6 of 15).jpgDam (7 of 15).jpgDam (8 of 15).jpgDam (11 of 15).jpg

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