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Welcome Baby Esme!

Today I met the newest member of our family – Baby Esmeralda Marie.  Esme for short. My cousin Rob and his wife Tasha had a beautiful little girl 6 days ago.  She is gorgeous!  Look at her long toes and fingers! Here are just a few quick pics I was able to snap of her today.  Welcome little one!!


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I headed north at the last minute, as the February blahs were wreaking havoc on my psyche.  I decided to bust out of the city and spend some time in the wilderness.  I find that if I go too long without some sort of nature excursion, I get disoriented and distant from myself.  Hiking among the trees and fresh snow was so rejuvenating and connected me back to what is important. The bright sunshine didn’t hurt my mood either.  How gorgeous is this place?  I love all the little signs of life that are ever present, even in the midst of winter.


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