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Make hay while the sun shines…

…and Excel sheets when it’s snowy?   “Oh the weather outside is weather…”  Even with a sad return to winter today, I am determined to make the most of this Monday!  Perhaps without the lure of sunshiney warmth beckoning me to come outside and play I can get the last sections of my business plan wrapped up.  Gross days outside position me perfectly to cross off those pesky ‘to do’s’ off my list.

Random: I saw this on Jasmine Star’s blog the other day and my heart skipped a beat.  It’s a to do list AND a sticky note.  All in one.  How BRILLIANT is this?  They’re available at Poketo. (hint hint)



Squirreled up in my attic and powered by morning glory bars, baked by the fabulous Pete, I am going to power through today and get it done.  And try not to think of my folks sunning it up on warm beach down south while winter finally shows itself up here.  Good timing on their part!

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High 5!!

Yes, it is today!  National High Five Day is finally here!  So, get your palms up and make some new friends.

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Art Crawl

Thanks to everyone who stopped by during Art Crawl on James St N last night!  It was such a beautiful night outside made even more gorgeous by the thousands of people on the street out there supporting the arts.  Many new friends were made as we chatted about images (mostly the 2 below) and our love for Hamilton.  I <3  Art Crawl.  Can’t wait for next month!

harmonious contradiction-20.jpgharmonious contradiction-21.jpg

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Chased by the Light

On this Good Friday it is good to reflect on spring and the renewal of life.  Having just come from an intense Good Friday Lament worship gathering with my friends, I am particularly aware of how dark it gets sometimes.  The isolation, despair and brokenness that surround each of us at times in our lives can feel overwhelming like darkest night.  It can feel like the darkness of Good Friday.

But then our darkened eyes begin to see that dawn is coming.  Light strains in and we begin to see that in the end, hope wins out on Easter Sunday.  That amidst the cracks of  a broken life, hope springs up.

Recently, I took a little road trip in the early morning and was stunned by the beauty of the sun as it rose behind the car. With the destination before us shadowed in the dark, the Light chased us and pushed away the unknown and the fear.  There was darkness before us, yet we were seeing the Light overcome it before our very eyes.  Each morning, each renewal of the light pushing out the dark, is a reminder of the Hope that dark Good Friday has bought for each of us.

spring 12 (1 of 17).jpgspring 12 (2 of 17).jpgspring 12 (3 of 17).jpgspring 12 (4 of 17).jpgspring 12 (5 of 17).jpgspring 12 (11 of 17).jpgspring 12 (12 of 17).jpgspring 12 (13 of 17).jpgspring 12 (15 of 17).jpgspring 12 (16 of 17).jpgspring 12 (14 of 17).jpgspring 12 (17 of 17).jpgspring 12 (6 of 17).jpgspring 12 (7 of 17).jpgspring 12 (8 of 17).jpgspring 12 (9 of 17).jpg


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Roof Top View

I did it!  Finally!  Though it was shaky and teary for a bit, I managed to climb on top of the roof!  Last year I tried it, but was so panicked from the height and the certainty that I would plummet to my demise, that I chickened out.  But not today.  After last year’s crutchy experience, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to try again.  But today on this beautiful, sunny day, old leftie came through for me and gripped those shingles without fail.  It was so worth the moments of panic to experience the serene beauty of the city from up there. I wasn’t sure I could get down, but thanks to a very patient Pete, who was my safety and cheerleader, I descended successfully.   Sadly, I couldn’t carry my camera up as I had a death grip on the slopey roof, but Pete was able to snap this pic of me.  They say you should do something you fear everyday…. check!

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