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Choo Choo!!

For my nephew’s 4th birthday I promised him a train ride.  On a real train.  With a conductor that wears the hat. And has blue cars.  And red ones.  Luckily I was able to fill such a specific request at the Waterloo Central Railway!  Today we went and rode on the old school train in a car from 1923.  He was in his glory!  So excited to be able to stick his head out the slow moving train, and see what aminals he could see.  Though the ride was not as fast as he thought it would be (we were passed by at 70 year old ona bicycle), he had an amazing time.  His favourite part?  The whistle.  I have to confess I liked it too, but second to the look of wonder on his little face when we first entered the train.

Micah Train-80.jpgMicah Train-96.jpgMicah Train-11.jpgMicah Train-113.jpgMicah Train-8.jpgMicah Train-10.jpgMicah Train-112.jpgMicah Train-124.jpgMicah Train-126.jpgMicah Train-18.jpgMicah Train-14.jpgMicah Train-143.jpgMicah Train-23.jpgMicah Train-59.jpgMicah Train-15.jpgMicah Train-20.jpgMicah Train-31.jpgMicah Train-33.jpgMicah Train-34.jpgMicah Train-53.jpgMicah Train-56.jpgMicah Train-66.jpgMicah Train-77.jpgMicah Train-92.jpgMicah Train-98.jpg

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Victoria Day and Victory!

This weekend was a very special one for me.  Not only was it a fabulously gorgeous long weekend, but it was the one year anniversary of the dreaded “dog bite incident” of 2011.   In true Jen style, I wasn’t about to let a bad experience get me down.  If I did, I probably wouldn’t leave the house!  As one young friend of mine recently noticed, “bad things happen when you’re with Jen.”  So, while on the way to see some wonderful community fireworks, I stopped at the Mary St. bridge to remember the day and challenge the old memory with the redemption of a fun excursion.  Victory!  While the bite was scary and painful at the time, it’s now a cherished part of my story that I’ll carry with me.  And I’ve got really cool scars now to prove it.  🙂

Fireworks May 12-1.jpgFireworks May 12-20.jpgFireworks May 12-4.jpgFireworks May 12-10.jpgFireworks May 12-3.jpgFireworks May 12-12.jpgFireworks May 12-29.jpgFireworks May 12-32.jpgFireworks May 12-36.jpgFireworks May 12-107.jpgFireworks May 12-121.jpgFireworks May 12-112.jpgFireworks May 12-130.jpgFireworks May 12-147.jpgFireworks May 12-169.jpgFireworks May 12-199.jpgFireworks May 12-200.jpgFireworks May 12-212.jpgFireworks May 12-51.jpgFireworks May 12-83.jpgFireworks May 12-97.jpg

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I Love Hamilton

This week I spent some time chasing the delicious light all over Hamilton to see some of my favourite spots.  Some a bit rough, some outstandingly beautiful.  It is clear though, I love this city!

PJ Hamilton Spots-14.jpgPJ Hamilton Spots-18.jpgPJ Hamilton Spots-33.jpgPJ Hamilton Spots-41.jpgPJ Hamilton Spots-48.jpgPJ Hamilton Spots-56.jpgPJ Hamilton Spots-61.jpgPJ Hamilton Spots-16.jpgPJ Hamilton Spots-63.jpgPJ Hamilton Spots-66.jpg

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Avett Adventure!

Being open to adventure was definitely a good thing yesterday!  My sweetie had arranged for us to have a night out, but refused to tell me any details.  He even went to so far as to make me cancel a meeting I had planned so we could go out specifically last night AND I wasn’t allowed to bring my camera.  I was pleasantly surprised when we arrived at Allen’s on the Danforth and got some delicious, grass-fed burgers and Guinness in their pub. I was in my happy place in an Irish pub, having meat and Guinness with my main squeeze – what could be better?  Then, he covered my eyes and unveiled an envelope.  Puzzled, I opened it and read a note asking if I was ready for a night out with The Avett’s.  The word ‘excited’ cannot contain my unbounded joy at reading those words. What a fabulous surprise!   We finished up our pints, walked a bit then headed to our nose-bleed seats at the music hall.  They were amazing – not a bad seat in the house. The show rocked!  Such passion in music, combined with powerful lyrics and the crowd’s energy made for an outstanding evening.  About halfway through the set, we decided to risk it and make our way down to the stage based on a tip from a fellow concert goer.  So glad that we did!!  We ended up near the second row for an up-close and intimate experience with the brothers Avett.  I am a lucky woman indeed. What an amazing adventure!

And because every post needs some pictures – the 2 views of the show as captured on my blurry cell phone.  🙂

Avett 1.jpgAvett 2.jpg

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Upcycling Edits. Accounting. Adventure.

Today is a day when I woke full of anticipation.  A full day of edits, accounting and adventure is before me.  Emphasis on the adventure part.  I love when there is a day of discovery!  After a fantastic photo shoot with Stephanie Jane’s gorgeous upcycled furniture yesterday, I’m stoked to edit and get at the photos.  Here’s just a few so you can see her beautiful work!  Then, onto learning some new accounting software.  I know, I know.  I am such a party.  While it might not be the most fun, I hope to keep my inquisitive outlook while doing the necessary.  To complete my day  – a mysterious trip into Toronto where new experiences and delights await.  I have no idea what to expect when we get there, but I think there is value in the practice of openness to Life’s adventure.  I think  Discovery  is waiting all around us – even lurking in accounting software.  I hope you have eyes to see it and embrace it today.


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This past weekend was all about the mothers for me.  First, there was a walk in Dundas put on by the Save the Mother’s organization- a group dedicated to advocating for baby and maternal health.  Then I was able to spend some time with my own mom on Sunday afternoon.  Eating, talking and just generally being together was such a nice treat!  We are planning a girls day with my sister that includes a little tea at Taylor’s Tea Room  (I highly recommend their scones! )  so we can have more time just being together.  Love that!  We were also able to spend some time up north together recently… drinking coffee, reading and chatting.  So blessed to have such a great mom!






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After spending a few weeks tied to the city desk working away at my business plan, a little wilderness photo excursion was in order.  So loving all the learning I’ve been doing over the past few days as I get to know my new Canon 5d Mark iii.  Love how bright the images are!  In honour of my mother’s Plaster Rock, NB heritage – some fiddleheads!


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New Gear…

…can really make a gal smile.  But so can a day filled with family, my commons family and a little choir at the cathedral.  Some random images from today’s first try with the new Mark iii.  So far, I’ve got to say that it is amazing and I love how it handles in low light situations.  Can’t wait to really take this baby for a spin!!


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Doors Open Hamilton

Today was Doors Open  –  the day when you get to peek inside of that building you were always curious about but wouldn’t normally go inside.  Who knew there was such beauty hidden behind the doors of the Orthodox Serbian Church on Barton St E?  The exterior is pretty non-desrcript, but once you enter their worship space – wow.  Icons, murals and wood carvings adorn every space.  The scent of incense was fragrant in the air and added to the sense of sacredness that permeated the sanctuary.  It was amazing to see the  two huge, beautiful chandeliers and hear the story of how the icons came to be painted on every square inch of wall in the space over 4 years.  Whenever I travel, I always love to stop in at old churches to feel their history and sacred space-ness.  But there are so many right here at home too!  I love this city and all the hidden gems that are right in the heart of it.  I can’t wait ’til next time Doors Open comes around to discover some more treasures of Hamilton.

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Le canard et la lune…

Yesterday, May the fourth was strong with me.  Yes, internet, I went there.  I joined in with the crowd and went for the ever popular star wars reference.  Yep, I’m that cool.  It was a day of diligent work, dreaming, frustration, fear, tears, and smiles.  An appropriate gamut of emotions given the full moon yesterday I suppose.  After a delicious dinner at Boo’s of duck and lamb, we went for a walk along the harbour front to take in the night scenes under the almost super moon. You know, super moon.  The day of the year when the full moon is closest to the earth and looks huge. There’s still time to catch it tonight.  While walking, my brain was stuck trying to remember the french word for duck. It’s canard, in case you were wondering.   The stars and the moon reflecting their light on the water reminded me of a quote I love.

They hang there, the stars, like notes on a page of music, free-form verse, silent mysteries swirling in the blue like jazz.

I hope tonight you get out there and enjoy their music.


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