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The Vote!

Birth Photographers are creating quite a stir and engaging in conversation around birth, photography, art and sharing.  I submitted a photo from a water birth to a contest that the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers is holding right now.  This is the first time I’ve ever submitted a photo of mine to any  kind of competition, it feels great just to participate and have an image that I took displayed alongside so many talented people.  I’m a newbie when it comes to birth photography, and seeing so many beautiful, powerful images is inspiring.  There has been a lot of debate about the nature of the photos, and a lot of sharing too!   Apparently, there has been so much attention, the site has crashed.  So, if you’re trying to see the images and vote, be patient…it’s worth it!  I have to say that all of the photos submitted are gorgeous and are helping to share what birth can be.

International Association of Birth Photographer’s Contest

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Warm Up!

Some random thankfulness for some of my warming favourites during this cold snap.

1) On these cold, wintery mornings it is such a treat to enjoy my new favourite tea from David’s called “mother’s little helper.”  Aside from having an awesome name, it actually does have calming properties with peppermint, lemon grass, valerian root, hibiscus and camomile.  It tastes delicious and is a soothing cup of warmth.  AND you can use this handy contraption which is just plain fun.

2) Fingerless gloves!  Perfect for photo excursions so that you can still operate the camera and keep those digits warm.  I received a few pairs from my Aunt and cousin and they are amazing!!

3) Hot Bath.  C’mon now.  Who doesn’t like a hot bath?  Especially with lavender salts from Rocky Mountain Soap Company.  They rock.  Put out some candles and grab a good book!  Now we’re talking.

4) Fun, Stripey robe.  A Christmas gift I received that is practical and decadent.  Bright teal colours of fuzzy fleece brighten those winter mornings when it is so cccold and you don’t want to get out of bed.

5) Warm winter wear.  Nothing beats being able to throw on a soft, pom pommed hat with ear flaps and furry boots when it feels like it’s -20 out.  Add a few hand/foot warming heat packs and you are good to go for those outdoor photo shoots.

What warm-ups do you like?  How are you fighting the cold this week?

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Celebrating the Possibilities

Such a cold, blustery day for one that was so ripe with possibilities.  I find myself in a unique place with hope-filled paths with choices  to be made.  Soon, I will have to decide. For now though, I am simply basking in the dreaminess of possibility.  Soon, I will be able to share all of the exciting details.  Until that day, I will enjoy the tension of this hope-filled space.  I needed to celebrate a victory today.  Not for winning the entire race, but celebrating a step that could lead to more.  So, I grabbed my gift card and 2 can dine for -$14.99 coupon and dined out on delicious chicken- toasting to possibilities. I like a good coupon, so my  middle-aged self was happy to augment the cheer with some good value. Cheers to the sweet space of possibility!  What are you celebrating?

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Photo Fun!

This weekend was amazing!  As one who is greatly affected by the weather, it was wonderful to be able to get outside and enjoy the thaw.  I was even able to go biking around Cootes Paradise.  In January!  I was also challenged by a friend to hunt down some photos for some fun.  It was so beautiful outside, I couldn’t help but wander around and take advantage of the beautiful weather by engaging on a photographic excursion around the neighbourhood. I received a list of some bizarre words to spark my imagination and off I set to capture images based on the random words.  The first photo here is a bit of a cheat though… I found it on my memory card, but I think it captures the essence of a fuzzy dizzle-winkle, don’t you?

The other words were: crack, former festive, thaw, water, up, communication, out of place, unexpected colour, and St. Francis’ place of prayer…there’s a whole list yet to explore, but it sure was nice to go photogging for fun this past weekend!

Unexpected colour:

Out of Place:


St. Francis’ Place of Prayer:




(another) Crack:

Former Festive:

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Good Morning!

“What do you mean?” he said. “Do you wish me a good morning, or mean that it is a good morning whether I want it or not; or that you feel good this morning; or that it is a morning to be good on? “All of them at once,” said Bilbo.” Tolkein, The Hobbit

And so, I bid you a good morning!  I finally saw The Hobbit last night with a friend who, though had already seen it with his son, accompanied me to the 3 hour movie to see all of the spectacular 3D visuals of middle earth.  I thoroughly enjoyed it!  It only made me dizzy in a few spots which is a vast improvement over the Cloverfield debacle of 2008.  One of my favourite parts of the story is the stay at Rivendell.  Partly because 2 years ago, I stayed there.

That’s right.  I found a portal to the magical place of respite and wonder.  I found clarity and comfort there and was renewed to continue on the adventure of faith.  Now, my portal took on the appearance of a westjet flight, but was still magical in it’s own way (3 seats to myself!)  It was a gorgeous place in the mountains full of deep magic where I fell in love with God and life again after some very weary years.  Now, when I need to rest, I simply recall the feel of that place and the wind as it blew through the trees down the mountainside.  Someday I will return there, but right now – “I’m on an adventure!!”   Where is your place of respite?

Rivendell.jpgRivendell 2.jpgRivendell 3.jpgRivendell 4.jpg

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Today I have a bunch of random reflections from a week that has been very jumbled.  So, today, a jumbled blog post.

Merry Christmas!!  For those following the orthodox church calendar – may you enjoy your festivities!  Sometimes I think it might be kind of nice to celebrate now, extending the season for just a bit longer into the new year when one can focus a little bit more. There’s something magical about Christmas that causes more contemplation and allows for possibilities of forgiveness and connection.  I ended up going to The Meeting House yesterday morning and someone led a guided breathing exercise.  It was a great reminder of our need to pause, reflect and rejuvenate  before getting to the ‘heavy lifting’ in life.

Last night at The Commons  we watched a clip from Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium.  This looks like a wonderful movie about death, grief and life following grief – all set in a magic toy store.  Brilliant!  I’ve heard really good things about it…now to try to find it. We had communion and had a time of reflection on forgiveness which was particularly meaningful given the crazy, broken week that had been experienced previously.  It was so healing to say and receive the words “you are forgiven” as we shared the bread and wine together.

Kale – a new healthy choice?  I had some kale and bean soup last night and have discovered that in addition to being a delicious ingredient in soup, it is so beneficial from a health standpoint.  It helps lower cholesterol, and has all that fibre, vit K, A, C and lots of iron thrown in there too.  Must try more recipes with this yummy member of the cabbage!

The search for winter boots is still on.  With this plate in my ankle, it’s proving to be quite difficult to find boots that allow for movement while still keeping my feet warm and dry without making my foot go numb.  I think the days of cheap shoes are gone.  Maybe I’ll try MEC and see what they still have in stock.

Is it possible for me to keep a plant alive?  I got a beautiful flowering Christmas cactus from a friend and I think I’m killing it already. Anybody know the proper care of a Christmas cactus?  I know there’s something about light training it and not giving it too much water…  we’ll see what happens.

cactus (1 of 1).jpg

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What do you desire?

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