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O Hamilton

O Hamilton how I love thee!  Sometimes I get up early in the morning, just so I can gaze upon you. I even love your cloud making stacks along the harbourfront, though wish that you would stop smoking…it’s not good for you! I love the busyness of your trucks and giant monstrous machinery that move steel and move me to remember visiting my dad at work with that chemically smell of recycled tin. You are beautiful.  Today you will be crawling with people on James St as your Open Streets brings people together in creative community.  You’re the best.  Thanks for being home.

Hamilton Morning-13.jpgHamilton Morning-17.jpgHamilton Morning-22.jpgHamilton Morning-24.jpgHamilton Morning-31.jpgHamilton Morning-38.jpgHamilton Morning-41.jpgHamilton Morning-42.jpgHamilton Morning-43.jpgHamilton Morning-44.jpgHamilton Morning-45.jpgHamilton Morning-46.jpgHamilton Morning-48.jpgHamilton Morning-50.jpgHamilton Morning-52.jpgHamilton Morning-53.jpgHamilton Morning-58.jpgHamilton Morning-7.jpg

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