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Makers Market and CHTV

So… this morning my Hamilton landscape photography was shown on CHTV’s morning show!  In 2011 I sold my very first art print (kinda by accident) and couldn’t then imagine that some day I would showcase my work on television.  I am thrilled to be part of the Maker’s Market again this season and will be at the Cathedral on Dec 7th with Randell Neudorf.  We’ll have Ivor Wynne shirts available as well as prints and photography session gift certificates.  Stop by next Saturday and check out all the local, Hamilton vendors!

makers market 2013

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A return to blogging…

I know, I know.  It’s been a looong time friends.  October has come and gone with it’s beautiful leaves and now we’re stuck in grey November.  I’ve been quite busy!  Wedding and family shoots, work at Welcome Inn and a trip up to Ottawa (and the 401 car accident on the way home) have all conspired to keep me from the old blog.  So, just to get me back in the swing of things… here are some pics from Sarah and Bryan’s wedding.  It was a cool, misty day which made for a beautiful backdrop on the farm.

c33-Magee Burtch-4-3.jpgc67-Magee Burtch-3-4.jpgc32-Magee Burtch-1-4.jpgc10-Magee Burtch-9-3.jpgc50-Magee Burtch-8-3.jpgc40-Magee Burtch-7-3.jpgc99-Magee Burtch-10-3.jpgc35-Magee Burtch-7.jpgc79-Magee Burtch-14-2.jpgc87-Magee Burtch-13-3.jpgc18-Magee Burtch-19-2.jpgc15-Magee Burtch-30.jpgc14-Magee Burtch-24.jpgc13-Magee Burtch-11.jpgc1-Magee Burtch-1-3.jpgc13-Magee Burtch-3-2.jpgc13-Magee Burtch-15.jpgc20-Magee Burtch-31.jpgc27-Magee Burtch-19.jpgc37-Magee Burtch-12-2.jpgc46-Magee Burtch-6-2.jpgc49-Magee Burtch-29.jpgc49-Magee Burtch-6.jpgc5-Magee Burtch-35.jpgc50-Magee Burtch-8.jpgc53-Magee Burtch-16.jpgc53-Magee Burtch-2-3.jpgc60-Magee Burtch-12.jpgc64-Magee Burtch-16-2.jpgc83-Magee Burtch-2.jpgc85-Magee Burtch-4-2.jpgc88-Magee Burtch-21.jpgc89-Magee Burtch-28.jpgc98-Magee Burtch-20.jpg


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