Icelandic Adventure

Currently I am in Iceland taking pictures of the gorgeousness of this land with Krista Jefferson. SO much fun! We’ve seen old viking dwellings, met great icelanders who gave us tips on what not to miss and where to go. Aside from one little incident where I fell into a stream and may or may not have broken my ankle, its been a great adventure. (which I definitely broke and had surgery on.) Don’t worry it’s fine. Here are a few teaser pics to tide you over until we get more wifi…

Iceland Day 1-21.jpgIceland Day 1-33.jpgIceland Day 1-58.jpgIceland Day 1-66.jpgIceland Day 2-117.jpgIceland Day 2-122.jpgIceland Day 2-123.jpgIceland Day 2-13-2.jpgIceland Day 2-22.jpgIceland Day 2-26.jpgIceland Day 2-32-2.jpgIceland Day 2-37-2.jpgIceland Day 2-43.jpgIceland Day 2-48.jpgIceland Day 2-68.jpgIceland Day 2-72.jpgIceland Day 2-75-2.jpgIceland Day 2-79.jpg

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