40 Years!

On the weekend we celebrated my folks’ 40th Wedding Anniversary.  40 years!  Wow.  It was a bit of a surprise party for them/Thanksgiving all rolled into one as they were away down in Arizona for their actual anniversary.  They toured around the Grand Canyon, experienced Red Rock to see the infamous Joshua Trees, saw the hoover dam and visited (briefly) Vegas.  Saturday afternoon brought family and friends all together for a celebration of their love and to laugh at old pictures.  Back in the day when they were first getting together, my dad had a motorcycle which my mother, of course, was not permitted to go on.  So, being the good kids they were, he would walk the bike and my mom home from school.  Then, when he decided that she was the one, he sold the bike and got a diamond ring…he loved that bike, but loved her more!  I’m still not sure if I believe that she didn’t sneak a ride home from school at least once though- I wouldn’t have been able to resist!  It was good to see them still laughing together after 40 years.  Thanks to Diane and Anslie for hosting and to my sister for making that delicious cake!!


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