F.A.Q. ~ Birth Photos

Why Birth Photography?

The first time your little baby opens their eyes and sees you.  The very first breath that they take.  That expression of adoration on your partner’s face, looking on with amazement.  The strength showed in your effort to bring this life into being.  Imagine having all of those amazing, real moments photographed and captured for your family.  What a great way to start keeping memories.

With Jennifer Kellner Birth Photography present at your birth, you and your support people can focus on being present in the moment, without worrying about fumbling with a camera.  Having a professional photographer who is comfortable, discreet, unobtrusive and knowledgeable about birth means that you can focus on your most important work – bringing that beautiful life into the world.


When do you come to the birth and how long do you stay?

When labour first begins, I am notified and become “activated” and await being called in when things have progressed a bit further, normally around 5 cm dilation.  Obviously this changes as each woman’s labour experience is unique.  For those that have typically had quick deliveries, I head right on over.  Generally, I stay around 2-3 hours post birth to capture bonding family moments.  All of this is discussed in advance as part of your birth intentions.


What kinds of births do you attend?

Home births.  Water births.  Hospital births.  C-section births (if permitted by hospital staff.) One day, I hope to add Birth Centres to this list when they are operational!!


When should we book?

Due to the on-call nature of this kind of photography, I only can accommodate a limited number of births each month.  Book early to avoid disappointment, and ensure availability.


What is included?

All Birth Photography packages include a complimentary maternity shoot, on-call attendance at the birth, a digital birth announcement card with 4 images, and a digital slide show of edited photos to share with friends and family.   Please contact me at info@JenniferKellner.com for pricing details and a custom package which can include: photo albums, grandparent albums, dvd of images and enlarged prints.