Babies R Us

This weekend is the beginning of BabyFest at Toys R Us…and guess who is going to be there?  Yep.  That’s right interwebs, I am attending my fist ever festival of babies 🙂   We are having a draw for prizes and everything!  I am so looking forward to the opportunity to engage people in conversation about Birth Photography and de-bunk some of the misconceptions around it.  Of course, I am hopeful that there might be some prospective clients in the mix, but mostly I am looking at this as an opportunity to create awareness about the availability of this kind of photography and how it can be built into family memories.  I love capturing the images, but I also love being able to show women themselves in their natural, powerful state while birthing. So, if you’re around and needing to stock up on all things baby, come visit Toys R Us on Upper Wentworth.


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