Bikes, Planes and Pizza

I love my dad.  Yesterday we went for a motorcycle ride out in Haldimand County on his shiny red Boulevard bike.  It was great!  The sun was beating down on us as we wove our windy way through the back roads towards the airport.  You see, as kids we used to go to the airshow all the time.  I recall it as being bright, hot, thirsty and amazing to see these giant machines zip all over the sky. I bet us 3 kids were delightful, as only darty children in a large crowd can be.

We stopped on Glancaster overpass and couldn’t have had better seats to watch the entire airshow – for free!  We made friends with Eric who lives near the airport and is a huge airshow fan.  We saw the snowbirds with their crazy stunts as well as the F-18 and the Lancaster and the other ‘old heavies’ (no idea what that actually means, but I nodded like I did.)  Sadly, I didn’t have my camera there, what with being on the back of a motorcycle and all, but couldn’t resist trying to snap a few pics with my cell from our amazing vantage point.  In some ways I’m glad I didn’t have it with me.  I think I might have been too focused on the shot and missed out on some of the actual experience.  It was wonderful to just spend time with my dad.  Later that evening we were reminiscing about the difficult, emotional teen years – the slamming of doors, the constant pushing to be away from my folks and do things on my own.  Sigh. We’re all so happy those days are behind us, though at the time it seemed like it would be that way forever.  And now we hang out, watch with wonder the old planes in the sky and pick up pizza on a motorcycle (a very careful balancing act.)  Thanks for a great day yesterday dad! Happy Father’s Day.

Hamilton 2-20120616-00160.jpgHamilton 2-20120616-00161.jpgIMG-20120616-00156.jpg

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