Makers Market and CHTV

So… this morning my Hamilton landscape photography was shown on CHTV’s morning show!  In 2011 I sold my very first art print (kinda by accident) and couldn’t then imagine that some day I would showcase my work on television.  I am thrilled to be part of the Maker’s Market again this season and will be at the Cathedral on Dec 7th with Randell Neudorf.  We’ll have Ivor Wynne shirts available as well as prints and photography session gift certificates.  Stop by next Saturday and check out all the local, Hamilton vendors!

makers market 2013

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A return to blogging…

I know, I know.  It’s been a looong time friends.  October has come and gone with it’s beautiful leaves and now we’re stuck in grey November.  I’ve been quite busy!  Wedding and family shoots, work at Welcome Inn and a trip up to Ottawa (and the 401 car accident on the way home) have all conspired to keep me from the old blog.  So, just to get me back in the swing of things… here are some pics from Sarah and Bryan’s wedding.  It was a cool, misty day which made for a beautiful backdrop on the farm.

c33-Magee Burtch-4-3.jpgc67-Magee Burtch-3-4.jpgc32-Magee Burtch-1-4.jpgc10-Magee Burtch-9-3.jpgc50-Magee Burtch-8-3.jpgc40-Magee Burtch-7-3.jpgc99-Magee Burtch-10-3.jpgc35-Magee Burtch-7.jpgc79-Magee Burtch-14-2.jpgc87-Magee Burtch-13-3.jpgc18-Magee Burtch-19-2.jpgc15-Magee Burtch-30.jpgc14-Magee Burtch-24.jpgc13-Magee Burtch-11.jpgc1-Magee Burtch-1-3.jpgc13-Magee Burtch-3-2.jpgc13-Magee Burtch-15.jpgc20-Magee Burtch-31.jpgc27-Magee Burtch-19.jpgc37-Magee Burtch-12-2.jpgc46-Magee Burtch-6-2.jpgc49-Magee Burtch-29.jpgc49-Magee Burtch-6.jpgc5-Magee Burtch-35.jpgc50-Magee Burtch-8.jpgc53-Magee Burtch-16.jpgc53-Magee Burtch-2-3.jpgc60-Magee Burtch-12.jpgc64-Magee Burtch-16-2.jpgc83-Magee Burtch-2.jpgc85-Magee Burtch-4-2.jpgc88-Magee Burtch-21.jpgc89-Magee Burtch-28.jpgc98-Magee Burtch-20.jpg


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#SuperCrawl #SuperTired

supercrawlThe past 2 days have been a whirlwind.  100,000 people came to SuperCrawl and I was right in the middle of it, showing my photos, selling t-shirts and meeting some truly beautiful people.  The crush of happy people cruising our James Street was a renewal of spirit and energy to me.  So many happy people and great conversations about art, Hamilton and little glimpses of shared stories made for a fantastic day.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by and helped us to sell out our Ivor Wynne t-shirts (well, I think there’s 1 small and 1 2xl left in grey.)  Hamilton, you did it again. Just when I think I can’t love you more, you do something fabulous like supercrawl and I am smitten all over again.  And now, to rest.

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This one’s for you, J.P.!

At the last Art Crawl there were a few people who were commenting on my industrial series – including J.P. who used to work in the steel industry.  He noticed that I didn’t have any of Stelco (now US Steel) and jokingly wondered about my favouritism.  Truthfully, I should be a Stelco gal, if anything, as that’s where my grandad found work when he relocated my mom’s family from New Brunswick to Hamilton.  So, a few weeks ago on a bright, sunny morning, I made by way north. Ignoring a whole bunch of really important signs, I snapped some pics of the yards.  This one’s for you, J.P.!  Thanks for the inspiration!


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Art Crawl – July Edition

Art Crawl is upon us again tomorrow evening!  I can’t believe how fast this summer is going… you should come down to James N and enjoy this lovely summer while you can!  I’ll be there with Randy at the Maker’s Market at the Cathedral.  I’ve got a few new photos of Hamilton that will be there…you should drop by and say hi!  (And don’t forget your non-perishable food for Welcome Inn! our shelves could use a boost over the summer!)

July 12,  7-10pm  – James St N.

Hamilton Morning-22.jpgHamilton Morning-31.jpgHamilton Morning-38.jpgHamilton Morning-44.jpgHamilton Morning-48.jpgHamilton Morning-50.jpg

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O Hamilton

O Hamilton how I love thee!  Sometimes I get up early in the morning, just so I can gaze upon you. I even love your cloud making stacks along the harbourfront, though wish that you would stop smoking…it’s not good for you! I love the busyness of your trucks and giant monstrous machinery that move steel and move me to remember visiting my dad at work with that chemically smell of recycled tin. You are beautiful.  Today you will be crawling with people on James St as your Open Streets brings people together in creative community.  You’re the best.  Thanks for being home.

Hamilton Morning-13.jpgHamilton Morning-17.jpgHamilton Morning-22.jpgHamilton Morning-24.jpgHamilton Morning-31.jpgHamilton Morning-38.jpgHamilton Morning-41.jpgHamilton Morning-42.jpgHamilton Morning-43.jpgHamilton Morning-44.jpgHamilton Morning-45.jpgHamilton Morning-46.jpgHamilton Morning-48.jpgHamilton Morning-50.jpgHamilton Morning-52.jpgHamilton Morning-53.jpgHamilton Morning-58.jpgHamilton Morning-7.jpg

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MK family fun

I had the opportunity to take some photos of my former college roommate and her extended family on Saturday.  So.  Many.  Gorgeous.  Redheads.  It was a wee bit chilly despite the bright sun, but everyone was so great to put up with the goosebumps to capture some family memories.  Here are just a few to tease and tide you over.  Thanks for being great and bringing bribery snacks for the little ones… totally worked!

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Kiran and Sandeep

I just returned from an amazing birth today!  A wee bit ahead of schedule, but such a lovely entrance into the world for this little one.  He chose a beautiful day to be born. Kiran and Sandeep were an amazing team bringing their family into being together.  Kiran – you were amazing!!!  I’ll post more later, but couldn’t resist a few images from today.  Congrats you two… now three!

c15-Kiran Birth_1.jpgc19-Kiran Birth_41.jpgc22-Kiran Birth_20.jpgc23-Kiran Birth_81.jpgc28-Kiran Birth_118.jpgc24-Kiran Birth_15.jpgKiran Birth_77.jpgc3-Kiran Birth_164.jpgc4-Kiran Birth_80.jpgc49-Kiran Birth_141.jpgc63-Kiran Birth_3.jpgc64-Kiran Birth_69.jpgc66-Kiran Birth_244.jpgc67-Kiran Birth_148.jpgc69-Kiran Birth_40.jpgc96-Kiran Birth_84.jpgc82-Kiran Birth_47.jpgc57-Kiran Birth_219.jpgKiran Birth_208.jpgc45-Kiran Birth_206.jpgc91-Kiran Birth_210.jpgc86-Kiran Birth_220.jpgc64-Kiran Birth_224.jpgc70-Kiran Birth_227.jpg

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the grave is now a groove

“The shackles are undone, the bullets quit the gun

The heat that’s in the sun will keep us when there’s none.

The rule has been disproved, the stone it has been moved

The grave is now a groove, all debts are removed

Oh can’t you see what love has done? Oh can’t you see what love has done?

Oh can’t you see what love has done?What it’s done to me?…Love left a window in the skies”

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St. Patrick’s Day Serenade

A day early, but couldn’t resist posting my favourite muppet rendition of Oh Danny Boy for St. Patrick’s day.  Beaker’s song always cracks me up!  So, raise a Guinness my friends and enjoy.  Slainte!

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