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To the Haggis!

This past weekend I was fortunate to head out of town with a few friends to enjoy some winter activities in the blustery north – where there is real snow!  We had a great time of laughing over games, eating and simply being together.

On Saturday we went into town to the outdoor arena for a little skating and, of course, to meet the donkey.  Yep.  A random donkey just hanging out at the McKellar arena.  So weird – love it!  We tobogganed. We made snow angels. We walked on the frozen lake, enjoying nature and remembered that even in winter there’s life.  Then, the haggis.  In celebration of Robbie Burns, we had our very own ceremonial haggis complete with dramatic poetry and address to the lovely Scottish meal.  It was something else!  The haggis itself is like liverwurst and actually is quite tasty, but then I do like meat.  (I know, I have issues.)

Often in January we fight the blues, the blahs and a general sense of gloom.  It’s important to remember to go outside and gather your friends around you (even if it is gross out and it’d be nice to simply stay in.)  Find something to celebrate!!  Even if it’s a meaty, organ filled sheep’s stomach.

c88-winter activities 2012-11.jpgc0-winter activities 2012-9.jpgc10-winter activities 2012-19.jpgc91-winter activities 2012-16.jpgc42-winter activities 2012-49.jpgc63-winter activities 2012-22.jpgc11-winter activities 2012-60.jpgc91-winter activities 2012-63.jpgc47-winter activities 2012-44.jpgc54-winter activities 2012-54.jpgc23-winter activities 2012-12.jpgc50-winter activities 2012-5.jpgc19-winter activities 2012-68.jpgc64-winter activities 2012-69.jpgc24-winter activities 2012-75.jpgc55-winter activities 2012-72.jpgc92-winter activities 2012-76.jpgc44-winter activities 2012-85.jpgc1-winter activities 2012-73.jpgc100-winter activities 2012-80.jpgc90-winter activities 2012-81.jpgc3-winter activities 2012-82.jpgc6-winter activities 2012-83.jpgc54-winter activities 2012-88.jpgc26-winter activities 2012-101.jpgc40-winter activities 2012-103.jpgc40-winter activities 2012-90.jpgc60-winter activities 2012-99.jpgc84-winter activities 2012-94.jpgc84-winter activities 2012-95.jpgc65-winter activities 2012-1.jpg



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Christmas Traditions

I love Christmas. I love the carols, cheesy movies, twinkle lights and the magic of the season’s generosity that people join in each year. I love the traditions that help to signal Christmas’ arrival… the annual baking day with friends from The Commons, advent candles and the nativity play.  Mostly though, I love that it’s at this time of year we are reminded that Hope came into the world and we gather with friends -both old and new and family to celebrate.  Can’t wait to feast together!

c51-Commons Christmas-6.jpgc55-Commons Christmas-2.jpgc56-Commons Christmas-10.jpgc60-Commons Christmas-11.jpgc69-Commons Christmas-3.jpgc82-Commons Christmas-8.jpgCommons Christmas-15.jpgCommons Christmas-155.jpgCommons Christmas-156-2.jpgCommons Christmas-18.jpgCommons Christmas-158.jpgCommons Christmas-23.jpgCommons Christmas-24.jpgCommons Christmas-29.jpgCommons Christmas-30.jpgCommons Christmas-156.jpgCommons Christmas-31.jpgCommons Christmas-32.jpgCommons Christmas-33.jpgCommons Christmas-35.jpgCommons Christmas-36.jpgCommons Christmas-38.jpgCommons Christmas-39.jpgCommons Christmas-40.jpgCommons Christmas-41.jpgCommons Christmas-42.jpgCommons Christmas-45.jpgCommons Christmas-49.jpgCommons Christmas-51.jpgCommons Christmas-59.jpgCommons Christmas-152.jpgCommons Christmas-157.jpgCommons Christmas-101.jpgCommons Christmas-70.jpgCommons Christmas-71.jpgCommons Christmas-77.jpgCommons Christmas-113.jpgCommons Christmas-125.jpgCommons Christmas-148.jpgCommons Christmas-136.jpgCommons Christmas-79.jpgCommons Christmas-102.jpgCommons Christmas-105.jpgCommons Christmas-122.jpgCommons Christmas-83.jpgCommons Christmas-93.jpgCommons Christmas-130.jpgCommons Christmas-95.jpgCommons Christmas-97.jpgCommons Christmas-99.jpg

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11.11.11 – The Rebirth

Yesterday Tanuja celebrated her 11.11.11 birthday in style!  A gorgeous party room in Toronto, good friends, great music and a billion yellow cupcakes made for a birthday like no other on this unforgettable date.  Here’s just a sample of some of the pics from this fun night!  Happy Birthday Tanuja!

tanuja (2 of 17).jpgtanuja (10 of 17).jpgtanuja (3 of 17).jpgtanuja (5 of 17).jpgtanuja (11 of 17).jpgtanuja (12 of 17).jpgtanuja (13 of 17).jpgtanuja (1 of 17).jpgtanuja (14 of 17).jpgtanuja (15 of 17).jpgtanuja (16 of 17).jpgtanuja (17 of 17).jpgtanuja (4 of 17).jpgtanuja (6 of 17).jpgtanuja (7 of 17).jpgtanuja (8 of 17).jpgtanuja (9 of 17).jpg

Remember, Remember the Fifth of November

Remember, Remember the Fifth of November

Gunpowder, Treason and Plot.

We see no reason

Why Gunpowder Treason

Should ever be forgot!

Happy Guy Fawkes Night!   A strange holiday commemorating Fawkes’ failed attempt to blow up the British Parliament (including the king) in 1605.  Kids still beg a “penny for the guy” from strangers to buy fireworks and there are bonfires everywhere.  Some people even attribute our modern use of the word “guy” to this Fawkesy tradition.

Suddenly I’m in the mood to watch V for Vendetta.



Today is a day of rejoicing.  A day for celebrating.  Yes, my friends, on this day in 1869 a miraculous invention was patented that would bring happiness to millions and change breakfast forever.  Today we celebrate the patent of the waffle iron by Cornelius Swarthout of Troy, New York.  So have some fun and waffle it up in honour of Cornelius.  Yum.

big and small

Sometimes it’s the small things in life which, when noticed, can bring immense joy.  This morning I saw the tendon in my foot for the first time in weeks! Such happiness at this tiny, little indicator that one day soon I will be able to walk on two feet again.  Or joy can be found in the small thing of an impromptu dance recital on the dock during summer vacation or seeing the bravery of a 3 year old discovering the joy of water and wind in his hair for the first time.

Sometimes it’s the big things. The way that thousands of strangers can come together to celebrate as one. The big explosions that make you catch your breath at the wonder and magic as they capture the imagination of the crowd.  One thing is certain, joy is to be had if you are seeking it.

big n small (1 of 10).jpgbig n small (7 of 10).jpgbig n small (2 of 10).jpgbig n small (3 of 10).jpgbig n small (4 of 10).jpgbig n small (6 of 10).jpgbig n small (5 of 10).jpgbig n small (9 of 10).jpgbig n small (10 of 10).jpgbig n small (8 of 10).jpg

Icelandic Adventure

Currently I am in Iceland taking pictures of the gorgeousness of this land with Krista Jefferson. SO much fun! We’ve seen old viking dwellings, met great icelanders who gave us tips on what not to miss and where to go. Aside from one little incident where I fell into a stream and may or may not have broken my ankle, its been a great adventure. (which I definitely broke and had surgery on.) Don’t worry it’s fine. Here are a few teaser pics to tide you over until we get more wifi…

Iceland Day 1-21.jpgIceland Day 1-33.jpgIceland Day 1-58.jpgIceland Day 1-66.jpgIceland Day 2-117.jpgIceland Day 2-122.jpgIceland Day 2-123.jpgIceland Day 2-13-2.jpgIceland Day 2-22.jpgIceland Day 2-26.jpgIceland Day 2-32-2.jpgIceland Day 2-37-2.jpgIceland Day 2-43.jpgIceland Day 2-48.jpgIceland Day 2-68.jpgIceland Day 2-72.jpgIceland Day 2-75-2.jpgIceland Day 2-79.jpg

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The Dizzy

Yesterday I went for a hike around Hamilton that began with a dizzy climb up the escarpment stairs.  While this may seem like no big deal internet, I have to tell you that I was intimidated.  You see, I have this fear of heights – bridges, balconies, those grated stairs that you can see through.  I know it’s strange.  I know it makes no sense.  The woman who has jumped out of an airplane, walked along the edge of the Cliffs of Moher and that crazy rope bridge in Vancouver has a thing with heights.  And by thing, I mean the vertigo certainty that the spinning dizziness which it sure to hit will result in my plummeting descent.  I envisioned scenes of me clinging desperately to the steps unable to move while friends apologized to the fire rescue team on my embarrassed behalf.  But do you know what happened?  I owned those stairs.  Sure there were a few dizzy spells and my quads are angry at me this morning, but I did it!

In spite of the couple of dizzying moments it wasn’t actually too bad, so the hike across the escarpment brow continued along a path of discovery that simply was amazing.  Finally, I was able to participate in the crazy mix of urban/nature that is Hamilton life and experience the gorgeousness of my home city.  I’m not going to lie…there were a few moments of disorientation along the path, especially trusting untried bridges that take you to the very edge.  Maybe I was wrong about the heights thing though.  Perhaps that world-tilt feeling experienced at great heights isn’t the foreshadowing to a dreaded fall, but is the world spinning to open up new possibilities.

hamilton stairs (4 of 9).jpghamilton stairs (2 of 9).jpghamilton stairs (1 of 1).jpghamilton stairs (5 of 9).jpghamilton stairs (3 of 9).jpghamilton stairs (7 of 9).jpghamilton stairs (6 of 9).jpghamilton stairs (8 of 9).jpghamilton stairs (9 of 9).jpg



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