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the grave is now a groove

“The shackles are undone, the bullets quit the gun

The heat that’s in the sun will keep us when there’s none.

The rule has been disproved, the stone it has been moved

The grave is now a groove, all debts are removed

Oh can’t you see what love has done? Oh can’t you see what love has done?

Oh can’t you see what love has done?What it’s done to me?…Love left a window in the skies”

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Wooden Hearts

Tonight I get to partake in what I believe will be a profound musical experience.  Listener is coming to Hamilton!  Raw, intense, beautiful, hope-filled poetry blended with music – right in my neighbourhood at the Pearl Company.  Now, I know it’s not for everyone, but I just love his passionate expression through the lyrics.  I missed Listener last year when he played at Doors pub, so am very excited to redeem my mistake of missing him previously.  Here’s a little sample for you…


Avett Adventure!

Being open to adventure was definitely a good thing yesterday!  My sweetie had arranged for us to have a night out, but refused to tell me any details.  He even went to so far as to make me cancel a meeting I had planned so we could go out specifically last night AND I wasn’t allowed to bring my camera.  I was pleasantly surprised when we arrived at Allen’s on the Danforth and got some delicious, grass-fed burgers and Guinness in their pub. I was in my happy place in an Irish pub, having meat and Guinness with my main squeeze – what could be better?  Then, he covered my eyes and unveiled an envelope.  Puzzled, I opened it and read a note asking if I was ready for a night out with The Avett’s.  The word ‘excited’ cannot contain my unbounded joy at reading those words. What a fabulous surprise!   We finished up our pints, walked a bit then headed to our nose-bleed seats at the music hall.  They were amazing – not a bad seat in the house. The show rocked!  Such passion in music, combined with powerful lyrics and the crowd’s energy made for an outstanding evening.  About halfway through the set, we decided to risk it and make our way down to the stage based on a tip from a fellow concert goer.  So glad that we did!!  We ended up near the second row for an up-close and intimate experience with the brothers Avett.  I am a lucky woman indeed. What an amazing adventure!

And because every post needs some pictures – the 2 views of the show as captured on my blurry cell phone.  🙂

Avett 1.jpgAvett 2.jpg

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A Moment

I am so excited to be going to Mumford and Sons tonight in Hamilton!  By all accounts the show last night in Toronto rocked and I’m looking forward to the same tonight at Copps.  In my opinion, what makes for a great concert is a moment of connection with the band and audience through their music.  Being able to feel that passion and have the spirit of the music pierce through to the hearts of everyone present – connecting us – is a beautiful experience.  The one concert that stands out in my memory that was like that was U2 in 2001, just after 911, when they sang New York.  It was church in the best sense of the word. On a huge scale.  I’m hoping for a little of that tonight with the Sons.  OK, hoping for a lot of that!

Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise.

“Decide what to be and go be it.” – Avett Brothers

Oh Tease

Had the pleasure of shooting Oh Tease tonight.  What a great band of ladies to go adventuring with!  So many laughs and hilarious predicaments.  We may or may not have been ‘surrounded’ by crazy swans at one point. Thanks for the hilarity!  A few pics to tide you over…

oh tease (1 of 12).jpgoh tease (10 of 12).jpgoh tease (12 of 12).jpgoh tease (2 of 12).jpgoh tease (3 of 12).jpgoh tease (4 of 12).jpgoh tease (5 of 12).jpgoh tease (6 of 12).jpgoh tease (7 of 12).jpgoh tease (8 of 12).jpgoh tease (9 of 12).jpg