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It’s funny that a week ago the groundhog predicted an early spring…and now we are digging out from the biggest snowfall we’ve seen in years! It was a bit crazy out there, but today we have a beautiful winter scene, just in time for the Beasley Winterfest. Looking forward to a little skating!  I like the beauty of the icicles that form on my house, but don’t love how then melt into my dining room.  I snapped a few pics before smashing them up and trying to thaw the  downspout. So far, so good.

First Look-2.jpgFirst Look-3.jpgFirst Look-4.jpgFirst Look-5.jpgFirst Look-9.jpgFirst Look-7.jpgFirst Look-6.jpgFirst Look-10.jpgFirst Look-8.jpg


Today, I needed to get out of here.

Have you ever had one of those days where you just can’t sit still ONE.  MORE.  MOMENT.  You need adventure!  Any kind – even just a road trip.  So today, after dropping things off at various friends places, I hit the road.  Not too sure of a destination, I set out waiting to see what I would discover.  On this grey, drizzly day, I vaguely set out in the direction of Elora. I didn’t even make it that far.  As I was driving along, I saw a sign for Crieff.  Remembering that name from a spiritual retreat a few years ago, I quickly changed lanes and followed my instinct to drive up there.  I saw some beautiful light falling across bronze leaves still attached to trees, so I pulled over reveling in the freedom to just meander and stop at will.  I took some random pictures, just cause I wanted to.  It was bliss.

Pilgrimage -1.jpgPilgrimage -11.jpgPilgrimage -13.jpgPilgrimage -3.jpgPilgrimage -6.jpgPilgrimage -7.jpgPilgrimage -8.jpg

I then discovered that I had unknowingly parked right next to Crieff Hills.  Recognizing the opportunity before me, I turned up the lane and wandered around there for a bit until I found my old friend, the Labyrinth.

That’s right folks, I broke into a Labyrinth.  Not sure if that defeats the purpose, but I kinda liked the secretive nature of trespassing to encounter God.  It was so quiet, with just the wind and the birds.  I liked the solitude.  I think Labyrinths are best experienced alone.  Sigh.  I love the Labyrinth.  Right now in my life there are so many questions! So many choices to make and fear creeping in that I’ll make the wrong one.  It was very soothing to have a path mapped out in front of me where I could bare my soul and ask all the questions I needed to.  No, I didn’t receive specific answers with giant flashing arrows, but did get a feeling that regardless of what happens – God is here.  At the centre.  At the edges.  With the stumbly rocks in the path.  With the unknown dark tunnel at the exit of the path – He’s there.  And there is adventure to be had.  After lingering for a few hours in the Labyrinth, I finally left as I got too cold.

Pilgrimage -15.jpgPilgrimage -17.jpgPilgrimage -19.jpgPilgrimage -23.jpgPilgrimage -26.jpgPilgrimage -29.jpgPilgrimage -30.jpgPilgrimage -31.jpg

I realized that my phone was dead and I had no idea how to get back to Hamilton.  So, I just went on instinct and guessed the general direction I needed to go. No map. No one telling me where to turn.  No one reassuring that I was going the right way.  Just instinct, hope and reassurance that I had a full tank of gas and emergency oranges if I needed them. I saw some amazingly beautiful homes and farms along the back roads and finally saw a signpost to confirm I was headed in the right direction. The risk had paid off.  Once I knew where I was, I stopped for some coffee and a delicious fritter.  I think all pilgrimages should end with warm apple cinnamon fritters and dark roasted coffee.

Starry Night

There have been some really beautiful, clear nights lately so I have taken advantage and started to play around with some long exposures to see what would happen.  I’ve always been mesmerized by the night sky, ever since I was a little girl dreaming of becoming an astronaut.  Well, my aerospace career was cut short when I realized that if I couldn’t make a 15 minute car ride without getting sick, NASA probably wouldn’t let me anywhere near the interior of their space craft.  Instead, I now get to take pictures of the night sky and ponder as to why the stars do shine.  One night I was even able to capture not one, but TWO shooting stars in the photo. I am a very lucky lady indeed.

starry night (107 of 25).jpgstarry night (12 of 36).jpgstarry night (114 of 25).jpgstarry night (122 of 25).jpgstarry night (123 of 25).jpgstarry night (124 of 25).jpgstarry night (104 of 25).jpgstarry night (15 of 36).jpgstarry night (36 of 36).jpg

Gage Park

Spent a bit of time yesterday wandering around Gage Park and snapping some pics on this long weekend.  Got to play with my 50mm lens, which is often undervalued, but still a favourite go to lens of mine.  Add in some new editing presets and watermark… and you’ve got a fun time folks!


Sparkling Waters

Spent some time working from the lake this week – what an enjoyable perk of having a portable job!  Recently, I read a post by Sarah Bessey ‘In which this is saving my life right now’ where she talks about what is getting her through. It made me pause to reflect on all that I am thankful for.  I have to say that having this retreat is a saving place for me.  Gorgeous nature, sparkling waters, dreaming about changes to my website and editing photos of Miles’ birth while breathing fresh air, are all renewing to the spirit.  I even had time to read Eat, Pray, Love where I read, “I want God to flow in my bloodstream, like the sun dances upon the water” E. Gilbert. YES!   Even the Hitchcock-like birds that creepily watch me in the evenings, nor the racoon scratching at the BBQ, can detract from my enjoyment of this space.  And now friends are coming to join in!  I am a very grateful woman today.


Human Nature

How cool is this?  Submerged sculptures become living reefs!  The photo exhibit of the underwater pieces is called Human Nature and opens today in New York.  If I were there I would definitely go see it!  The way that the artist has patiently waited for nature to run its course and adapt his sculptures is simply beautiful.  The blend of the human intentional element mixed with the raw natural path of ocean life is gorgeous. These images speak to me about how the crafted things we make can sink to the bottom of the ocean hidden from view- but even there, there is growth and beauty.  You can check out some of the images here at Colossal’s website.


After spending a few weeks tied to the city desk working away at my business plan, a little wilderness photo excursion was in order.  So loving all the learning I’ve been doing over the past few days as I get to know my new Canon 5d Mark iii.  Love how bright the images are!  In honour of my mother’s Plaster Rock, NB heritage – some fiddleheads!


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Le canard et la lune…

Yesterday, May the fourth was strong with me.  Yes, internet, I went there.  I joined in with the crowd and went for the ever popular star wars reference.  Yep, I’m that cool.  It was a day of diligent work, dreaming, frustration, fear, tears, and smiles.  An appropriate gamut of emotions given the full moon yesterday I suppose.  After a delicious dinner at Boo’s of duck and lamb, we went for a walk along the harbour front to take in the night scenes under the almost super moon. You know, super moon.  The day of the year when the full moon is closest to the earth and looks huge. There’s still time to catch it tonight.  While walking, my brain was stuck trying to remember the french word for duck. It’s canard, in case you were wondering.   The stars and the moon reflecting their light on the water reminded me of a quote I love.

They hang there, the stars, like notes on a page of music, free-form verse, silent mysteries swirling in the blue like jazz.

I hope tonight you get out there and enjoy their music.


simply beautiful

Spring is so gorgeous!  Luckily I know someone in the greenhouse industry who was able to take me on a little road trip to soak in all the riotous colour!  Row upon row of  blossoms and hope overflowing in baskets.  Witzke’s was kind enough to let me snap a few pics away and even to take a few of the pretties home with me.




Chased by the Light

On this Good Friday it is good to reflect on spring and the renewal of life.  Having just come from an intense Good Friday Lament worship gathering with my friends, I am particularly aware of how dark it gets sometimes.  The isolation, despair and brokenness that surround each of us at times in our lives can feel overwhelming like darkest night.  It can feel like the darkness of Good Friday.

But then our darkened eyes begin to see that dawn is coming.  Light strains in and we begin to see that in the end, hope wins out on Easter Sunday.  That amidst the cracks of  a broken life, hope springs up.

Recently, I took a little road trip in the early morning and was stunned by the beauty of the sun as it rose behind the car. With the destination before us shadowed in the dark, the Light chased us and pushed away the unknown and the fear.  There was darkness before us, yet we were seeing the Light overcome it before our very eyes.  Each morning, each renewal of the light pushing out the dark, is a reminder of the Hope that dark Good Friday has bought for each of us.

spring 12 (1 of 17).jpgspring 12 (2 of 17).jpgspring 12 (3 of 17).jpgspring 12 (4 of 17).jpgspring 12 (5 of 17).jpgspring 12 (11 of 17).jpgspring 12 (12 of 17).jpgspring 12 (13 of 17).jpgspring 12 (15 of 17).jpgspring 12 (16 of 17).jpgspring 12 (14 of 17).jpgspring 12 (17 of 17).jpgspring 12 (6 of 17).jpgspring 12 (7 of 17).jpgspring 12 (8 of 17).jpgspring 12 (9 of 17).jpg


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