Celebrating the Possibilities

Such a cold, blustery day for one that was so ripe with possibilities.  I find myself in a unique place with hope-filled paths with choices  to be made.  Soon, I will have to decide. For now though, I am simply basking in the dreaminess of possibility.  Soon, I will be able to share all of the exciting details.  Until that day, I will enjoy the tension of this hope-filled space.  I needed to celebrate a victory today.  Not for winning the entire race, but celebrating a step that could lead to more.  So, I grabbed my gift card and 2 can dine for -$14.99 coupon and dined out on delicious chicken- toasting to possibilities. I like a good coupon, so my  middle-aged self was happy to augment the cheer with some good value. Cheers to the sweet space of possibility!  What are you celebrating?

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