Choo Choo!!

For my nephew’s 4th birthday I promised him a train ride.  On a real train.  With a conductor that wears the hat. And has blue cars.  And red ones.  Luckily I was able to fill such a specific request at the Waterloo Central Railway!  Today we went and rode on the old school train in a car from 1923.  He was in his glory!  So excited to be able to stick his head out the slow moving train, and see what aminals he could see.  Though the ride was not as fast as he thought it would be (we were passed by at 70 year old ona bicycle), he had an amazing time.  His favourite part?  The whistle.  I have to confess I liked it too, but second to the look of wonder on his little face when we first entered the train.

Micah Train-80.jpgMicah Train-96.jpgMicah Train-11.jpgMicah Train-113.jpgMicah Train-8.jpgMicah Train-10.jpgMicah Train-112.jpgMicah Train-124.jpgMicah Train-126.jpgMicah Train-18.jpgMicah Train-14.jpgMicah Train-143.jpgMicah Train-23.jpgMicah Train-59.jpgMicah Train-15.jpgMicah Train-20.jpgMicah Train-31.jpgMicah Train-33.jpgMicah Train-34.jpgMicah Train-53.jpgMicah Train-56.jpgMicah Train-66.jpgMicah Train-77.jpgMicah Train-92.jpgMicah Train-98.jpg

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