Kiran and Sandeep

I just returned from an amazing birth today!  A wee bit ahead of schedule, but such a lovely entrance into the world for this little one.  He chose a beautiful day to be born. Kiran and Sandeep were an amazing team bringing their family into being together.  Kiran – you were amazing!!!  I’ll post more later, but couldn’t resist a few images from today.  Congrats you two… now three!

c15-Kiran Birth_1.jpgc19-Kiran Birth_41.jpgc22-Kiran Birth_20.jpgc23-Kiran Birth_81.jpgc28-Kiran Birth_118.jpgc24-Kiran Birth_15.jpgKiran Birth_77.jpgc3-Kiran Birth_164.jpgc4-Kiran Birth_80.jpgc49-Kiran Birth_141.jpgc63-Kiran Birth_3.jpgc64-Kiran Birth_69.jpgc66-Kiran Birth_244.jpgc67-Kiran Birth_148.jpgc69-Kiran Birth_40.jpgc96-Kiran Birth_84.jpgc82-Kiran Birth_47.jpgc57-Kiran Birth_219.jpgKiran Birth_208.jpgc45-Kiran Birth_206.jpgc91-Kiran Birth_210.jpgc86-Kiran Birth_220.jpgc64-Kiran Birth_224.jpgc70-Kiran Birth_227.jpg

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