Manicotti, Music and Celebrations for no good reason

This week has been a bit all over the place.  Intense conversations. Silly laughs. Stress. Forced relaxation. Work.  Sleep.  On Monday, I lost a coin toss with my sweetie and was bound by the code of the coin to make supper for us.  Having a lot of veggies left from my good food box, I made up some salad and manicotti…and threw in a couple of glasses of whiskey for us as an aperatif for good measure.  Did I mention that we had been participating in a spiritual fast that day?  So no food  all day + whiskey made for a very giggly Jen. Then it was on to The Commons to make some music and practice some original material by the commons collective.  So fun!  Yet, still challenging for me as I continue to re-learn how to play and try to strengthen my sound.  Things are still forced, but in time, the natural cadence of the music will come through.  I will learn to trust my instincts and feel the music more and more, rather than clumsily remember which notes go where.  When life gets hard and really, really sucks at times, I cling to that knowledge that though tough now, in time, the soul of the music of my life will one day be played with ease.  I just need patience and practice. And sometimes whiskey induced giggles help it along too.  The challenge is to find the laugh along the way. Like today for example.  It’s 12:12:12.  ‘So what?’ some might argue.  ‘Not a big deal.’  I know it’s not really,  but we should take any opportunity we can get to celebrate.  So make sure you do something to mark today and celebrate for no good reason.

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