Maria Magdalena

One of the things that I decided to do when I started my business, was to contribute to a loan through Kiva and help support an entrepreneur in a developing country.  I have been the grateful recipient of support here, without which I wouldn’t have been able to start Jennifer Kellner Birth Photography, so it only seemed right to pay it forward.  It’s amazing to be able to join with people from all over the world to pool our little bits of money to lend her the capital that she needs to expand her business. For the grey days of struggle, Maria is a source of inspiration as she grows her crops to provide for her community and to support her family.  With a beautiful smile in Ecuador, she grows corn and rice and raises her ducks and chickens. So grateful to Kiva for connecting us and making it possible.  I’m also grateful to the girls from The Commons who helped me in the selection process during our slumber party.  Beautiful.

Consider giving a loan through Kiva!  Once the loan is paid back, you can either withdraw the money or keep on lending it to others.

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