MK & Frank’s Family Fun

Recently I’ve been spending some time with my roommate from college, Mary Kathryn.  It’s been so great to reconnect and hang out again!  So, this morning after church at The Meeting House, we decided to go for a little hike and get some family pictures of the whole family.  Such a gorgeous day – just perfect for a little hike and some picturing.  How cute are these little girls?  The best part is that they have such sweet personalities too!  Big sister was right into things tossing leaves, making her little sis laugh and holding her up when needed (and even when not needed too!)  Thanks Frank and MK for a great afternoon!!

MK & Frank Fam pics 2011-3.jpgMK & Frank Fam pics 2011-104.jpgMK & Frank Fam pics 2011-215.jpgMK & Frank Fam pics 2011-259.jpgMK & Frank Fam pics 2011-29.jpgMK & Frank Fam pics 2011-36.jpgMK & Frank Fam pics 2011-169.jpgMK & Frank Fam pics 2011-360.jpgMK & Frank Fam pics 2011-389.jpgMK & Frank Fam pics 2011-49.jpgMK & Frank Fam pics 2011-5.jpgMK & Frank Fam pics 2011-95.jpg

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