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Over the Christmas break I watched Food Inc.  I know, I’m a few years late coming to that party but better late than never I guess!  It had been recommended to me by numerous friends, both veggie heads and meatatarians alike.  I like meat.  I mean, I really like meat. So much so, that at my last birthday party there was a lovely chocolate cake in the shape of a steak. So, I was a bit concerned that watchingthis film would put me off my favourite food group.  It didn’t though.  What it did do was wake me up to the industrialization of our food production and some of the short cuts that happen when we seek to mass produce food on a large, consistent scale.  In addition to the poor conditions that the animals live in, the film made me realize just how little nutritional value is in the foods that we are eating compared to what my grandparents gleaned from their foods.  Modified corn is everywhere now!!   My goal for this year is to try to eat more like my grandparents did… grass fed beef, free range chicken, no ‘just add water and a microwave’ foods, organic where possible and to really explore what it means to have access to proper foods.  One way in which I am doing this is by participating in an art installation on justice – my focus is going to be on food accessibility.  My first researching trip to the organic section of the grocery store shocked me at the prices!  As one who’s on a tight budget, it’s nearly impossible to eat this neo-traditional diet with organic broccoli being $4.99 a head.  I can easily see how income level becomes a barrier to health which just spirals everything down.  I’m looking forward to challenge of finding a way to translate these ideas into a visual piece – stretching my visioning and getting those creative juices flowing!


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