Photo Fun!

This weekend was amazing!  As one who is greatly affected by the weather, it was wonderful to be able to get outside and enjoy the thaw.  I was even able to go biking around Cootes Paradise.  In January!  I was also challenged by a friend to hunt down some photos for some fun.  It was so beautiful outside, I couldn’t help but wander around and take advantage of the beautiful weather by engaging on a photographic excursion around the neighbourhood. I received a list of some bizarre words to spark my imagination and off I set to capture images based on the random words.  The first photo here is a bit of a cheat though… I found it on my memory card, but I think it captures the essence of a fuzzy dizzle-winkle, don’t you?

The other words were: crack, former festive, thaw, water, up, communication, out of place, unexpected colour, and St. Francis’ place of prayer…there’s a whole list yet to explore, but it sure was nice to go photogging for fun this past weekend!

Unexpected colour:

Out of Place:


St. Francis’ Place of Prayer:




(another) Crack:

Former Festive:

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