Roof Top View

I did it!  Finally!  Though it was shaky and teary for a bit, I managed to climb on top of the roof!  Last year I tried it, but was so panicked from the height and the certainty that I would plummet to my demise, that I chickened out.  But not today.  After last year’s crutchy experience, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to try again.  But today on this beautiful, sunny day, old leftie came through for me and gripped those shingles without fail.  It was so worth the moments of panic to experience the serene beauty of the city from up there. I wasn’t sure I could get down, but thanks to a very patient Pete, who was my safety and cheerleader, I descended successfully.   Sadly, I couldn’t carry my camera up as I had a death grip on the slopey roof, but Pete was able to snap this pic of me.  They say you should do something you fear everyday…. check!

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