The Fall

We stopped at a waterfall in Iceland – gorgeous!  Mark and the kids and myself decided to climb to the top – and we did successfully!  No problems at all.

Then, we hop a little stream at the bottom – boom!  Down I went.

Iceland The Fall-46.jpgIceland The Fall-49.jpgIceland The Fall-53.jpgIceland The Fall-55.jpgIceland The Fall-44.jpgIceland The Fall-54.jpg

I knew it was hurt, but didn’t realize how bad it was until we made it to the next town (pop. 300)  to see the doc.  He said without x-rays we wouldn’t know, but we should head back west to Selfoss where we would be closer to the capital if I needed surgery.  Surgery?!  What!?  I’m thinking it’s only a sprain, but to be safe Marcie, Krista and I head back west while the rest of the gang go east.  The plan was that we’d meet up later that night.  Well.  Turns out it was broken and displaced, so did in fact need surgery.  There goes that plan.  The doctor and nurse in Selfoss were so kind – as was the paramedic that transferred me to Reykjavik via ambulance.  My first ambulance ride.  They wouldn’t put the siren on though, so I missed out on that.  Turns out I had to have a plate and screw put in my ankle.  Thank goodness for insurance!!  The nurse knew I was going into surgery first thing in the morning, so called the Canadian Consulate overnight while I slept to make sure someone knew where I was.  Elisabet was an angel!  She visited, brought adapters to recharge my phone, helped me connect with insurance and even arranged a wheelchair for me on the flight home.  Amazing!

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The fall changed the plans for our journey a lot, so everyone came west again.  We were able to get an apartment in the capital for the next few days and just day trip out from here.  A HUGE THANK YOU to the Jeffersons and to Marcie who helped me to carry luggage, pillows for my leg, fed me, and at times even lugged me around when I needed it.  You rock.

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