Victoria Day and Victory!

This weekend was a very special one for me.  Not only was it a fabulously gorgeous long weekend, but it was the one year anniversary of the dreaded “dog bite incident” of 2011.   In true Jen style, I wasn’t about to let a bad experience get me down.  If I did, I probably wouldn’t leave the house!  As one young friend of mine recently noticed, “bad things happen when you’re with Jen.”  So, while on the way to see some wonderful community fireworks, I stopped at the Mary St. bridge to remember the day and challenge the old memory with the redemption of a fun excursion.  Victory!  While the bite was scary and painful at the time, it’s now a cherished part of my story that I’ll carry with me.  And I’ve got really cool scars now to prove it.  🙂

Fireworks May 12-1.jpgFireworks May 12-20.jpgFireworks May 12-4.jpgFireworks May 12-10.jpgFireworks May 12-3.jpgFireworks May 12-12.jpgFireworks May 12-29.jpgFireworks May 12-32.jpgFireworks May 12-36.jpgFireworks May 12-107.jpgFireworks May 12-121.jpgFireworks May 12-112.jpgFireworks May 12-130.jpgFireworks May 12-147.jpgFireworks May 12-169.jpgFireworks May 12-199.jpgFireworks May 12-200.jpgFireworks May 12-212.jpgFireworks May 12-51.jpgFireworks May 12-83.jpgFireworks May 12-97.jpg

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