Warm Up!

Some random thankfulness for some of my warming favourites during this cold snap.

1) On these cold, wintery mornings it is such a treat to enjoy my new favourite tea from David’s called “mother’s little helper.”  Aside from having an awesome name, it actually does have calming properties with peppermint, lemon grass, valerian root, hibiscus and camomile.  It tastes delicious and is a soothing cup of warmth.  AND you can use this handy contraption which is just plain fun.

2) Fingerless gloves!  Perfect for photo excursions so that you can still operate the camera and keep those digits warm.  I received a few pairs from my Aunt and cousin and they are amazing!!

3) Hot Bath.  C’mon now.  Who doesn’t like a hot bath?  Especially with lavender salts from Rocky Mountain Soap Company.  They rock.  Put out some candles and grab a good book!  Now we’re talking.

4) Fun, Stripey robe.  A Christmas gift I received that is practical and decadent.  Bright teal colours of fuzzy fleece brighten those winter mornings when it is so cccold and you don’t want to get out of bed.

5) Warm winter wear.  Nothing beats being able to throw on a soft, pom pommed hat with ear flaps and furry boots when it feels like it’s -20 out.  Add a few hand/foot warming heat packs and you are good to go for those outdoor photo shoots.

What warm-ups do you like?  How are you fighting the cold this week?

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